Devin Aadland Devin Aadland


My name is Devin Aadland and I'm from a tiny little town in Minnesota called St. Bonifacius. My father is a highly adventurous behavior analyst and my mother is a highly compassionate personal trainer. They created me and my older brother Dane who lives in Minneapolis. 

I used to think I was going to be a professional skateboarder. I also thought I would be in a punk rock band forever. Both passions always seemed to push my love for photography and when I was 18 I moved away to Chicago.

I love to make images that take the viewer to a new place, whether a place of bliss and joy or horror and dark humor. I am a story teller at heart and create images that not only entertain but inspire. I see people as characters soaked in vibrant light and color and I create a hyperrealistic world for them to appropriately live in. 

Outside of photography, I am passionate about agriculture and carpentry and anything that has to do with homesteading. Before graduating college I built a wooden surfboard out of cedar and strapped it to my truck. I took off towards the outer banks of North Carolina not sure what I would find or how long I would be gone for. I have been traveling for almost two years now and have lived in a lot of strange places and worked a lot of bizzare jobs. I currently live in Hawaii and am working as a gardener and carpenter and am up surfing the sunrise every morning

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